JCC MusicWorks 2023-2024 School Year

MusicWorks is a comprehensive program of music instruction for all ages. Students learn: to read music, proper playing techniques, and the fundamentals of music theory. Our experienced teaching artists share their passion and enthusiasm for music. For younger students, MusicWorks provides a solid music education foundation. For middle school, older students and adults, it leads toward the mastery of an instrument and exposure to standard repertoire written for their particular instrument.

Fall Registration Deadline is September 29, 2023 - (Watch for Spring Registration)

David Blakley - String Instruments
Pete Vogler - Percussion & Woodwinds

Joey Bailey - Saxophone, Flute, Piano, Organ
Jan Rittenhouse - Piano
Pete Vogler - Percussion & Woodwinds

David Blakley - String Instruments
Amelia Freeman - Voice
Margaret Hammond - Piano
Andy Kern - Guitar

Kathryn Fenstermacher - Harp

Registration for this event is not open.

Event Dates:
09/05/2023 09:55 AM
04/26/2024 06:00 PM

Register By:
09/29/2023 06:00 PM

Student MW Registration + 1st Month Payment
Price: $ 96.25
Available: 106

Student MW Registration + 1st Month Payment/Rental
Price: $ 106.25
Available: 144

Adult MW Registration + 1st Month Payment
Price: $ 106.25
Available: 146

Adult MW Registration + 1st Month Payment/Rental
Price: $ 116.25
Available: 149

Event Location:
131 E Walnut St, Portland, IN